VISUALIZE your project!  3dfx Design has become an expert in the Scenic Quality Standards of the TRPA codes.  Having developed an in-depth understanding of scenic requirements mandated by the TRPA, 3dfx Design helps clients streamline through the complicated entitlement process.  Simulation projects range from major casino redevelopments, ski resort master planning, marina expansions, private lakeside residential projects, pier modifications and public environmental improvement projects.  Years of Tahoe code experience and familiarity with the TRPA agency helps navigate clients through a scenic maze of requirements.  Clients save time, money and maximize their project’s developmental footprint while still maintaining the architectural vision of their project.


Highly accurate and defensible photorealistic simulations for EIR reports.

Our photorealistic process uses state of the art computer processing and software to create highly accurate simulations. Our simulations are used in EIR reports, demonstrating potential visual impacts.

South Lake Tahoe Event CenterSouth Lake Tahoe Event Center


Agencies are increasingly requiring accurate scenic simulations for EIRs. Our detailed simulation process was developed within the Tahoe Basin, one of the most protected and regulated scenic environments in the US.


From architectural massing, colors, materials, shadows and topography, our simulations are legally defendable and accurate.

Photo Realistic

Both built and natural environments are accurately modeled in our simulations including landscape and any needed tree or vegetation removal.

The simulation process typically combines 3D CAD design, topography, GIS location data, photographic materials with state of the art computer software and hardware, producing highly accurate photorealistic simulations.